Thursday, 27 April 2017

Scotland - You Are A Star

“Every child is an artist” (Pablo Picasso)

However, here in Scotland, we also think every child is a Star!

For 2017, Scotland are delighted to sing the Fischy Music children’s song You Are A Star.
Fischy Music are well known here in the UK for their songs that are designed to make you feel good. 

So, why not turn up the volume, get your rock guitars out, and join in the singing and the actions of this great tune that celebrates the fact that we are ALL stars in our own way!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Sweden - Better Together

Austria - The Rainbow Dance

Dear friends,
this year our students decided to sing about colours, peace, friendship and a hopeful future.
Please enjoy our video and tell us "What is on your mind?"
Sing with us and have fun!

Could you finally come down, please?
Look, you are already red all over
because the dress you wear is shrill.
Was there just an orange one for sale?

Do you really wanna be like me?
You are green with envy and quite pale.
Do I wanna be so green myself?
Whenever did you lend a hand?

Would you please stop crying
into the blue sea of your tears?
Why don't you look into the purple mirror?
I know that pleases you so much.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Russia / Republic of Tatarstan - Чак - Чак

We are happy to have completed the video before our upcoming holidays. The children learned this song about 6 weeks ago and since then they sing it day in and day out at school. They really enjoyed the work in the recording studio, showing off dresses, being actors and actresses in our makeshift film-studio (we had to film inside since it was still very cold and unpleasant outside) and of course eating loads of chak-chak.
Chak-chak is the traditional sweet of Tatarstan which is deep fried dough rolled in honey. We attempted to represent the hybrid of Russian and Tatar culture of the region as well as our very special flair as an international school by including different musical styles, the 3 main languages spoken by our students and relating to a range of local and international fairytales. We feel extremely privileged to be part of this fantastic event and looking forward to a lot more fun to come.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

the Netherlands - Zoals hij (Just like him)

Every year, thousands of Dutch classes perform in school musicals in their final year of primary school. This song is from one of those musicals. The story is about a famous youtube personality. Everybody wants to be like him! Of course, at the end of the play, he realises that real friendship is more important than 'likes'.
This video is really our students' work. Their own ideas, their own choreography. They organized, filmed and edited everything themselves!

Oh, by the way: sorry to our Belgian neighbors for stealing your Manneken Pis. There's a mention of Brussels in the song, and somehow youtube decided to take this image for a thumbnail...

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Upload Deadline

Tick, tock. Time is running fast. Be sure to upload your video before this clock counts to zero!